CC 014 | Being Great, Not Good – Interview With Dr. Eric Kaplan


This week we visit with Dr. Eric Kaplan with Concierge Coaches.

#1 Best-selling author, Dr. Eric Kaplan, has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, Good Morning America, Primetime Live, Montel Williams, as well as CNBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox.

He is currently CEO of Concierge Coaches, where he and Dr. Perry Bard help chiropractors all over the United States transform their practices.  Many of their clients become totally debt free in 18-24 months.  Dr Kaplan says, “We do this by teaching our doctors a complete system, of patient management, marketing, while maintaining a  low overhead, low-stress practice that can  give you  the freedom to enjoy annual vacations and begin loving life and your practice once again.”

In this episode, the focus is on being great, not just good.

Things Discussed in this episode:

1.  Write a Book
– Best business card a doctor can have.

2. Start doing Lectures Again
– Dinner Talks
– In Office Classes
– Lunch Talks

3.  Be Great, Not Good
– Book “Good To Great” by Jim Collins
– You Represent The Chiropractic Profession
– You owe it to yourself to be the best.  For you, your patients, and the profession.
–  Why should they choose you?

Find Dr. Eric Kaplan:

Website: Concierge Coaches

Book: 5 Minute Motivator

Other Tools Discussed:

Webinar: How To Write A Book

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