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PPC and Google Ads Specialist for Chiropractors

Congratulations on having a well-designed website, a great office, and a loyal following of patients! Now, the next step to scalability and growth is figuring out how to effectively market your services to new patients. A Google Ads Specialist can take your establishment over the top! There are dozens of different digital marketing techniques that can be used to grow a chiropractic practice online, but one extremely effective strategy is PPC or pay-per-click marketing.

Google Ads Specialist

What are PPC Marketing and Google Advertising?

PPC is a form of online advertising that allows you to get in front of web users who are actively searching for your services. PPC campaigns allow you to set up ads that show up when certain keywords are typed into Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines. For instance, if someone types “chiropractor” into Google, then your ad could be one of the first ads to appear. These ads are often strategically placed above or to the side of organic search results, making it even more likely for online users to see your business when they type in their search keywords.

Google Ads are the most popular form of PPC marketing for a few reasons. First, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, meaning that you are reaching the largest audience of web users when you work with a Google Ads specialist. Also, since there is no restriction on how many keywords can be used to drive traffic to your website through Google Ads, it allows you to get in front of potential patients who may use any combination of words or phrases like “chiropractors in my area” or “chiropractic care near me”.

Creating a PPC campaign with Google Ads can help you accomplish three major goals: generate new patients, increase your reach, and build trust with potential patients.

Generate New Patients

PPC campaigns allow you to target new patients who are actively searching for your services in their local area or zip code. For instance, if someone types “chiropractor in Texas” into Google, then your ad could appear on the side of that search result page or even directly above it. If your practice is at the top of the search results, then there is a very good chance that potential patients will end up clicking on your ad, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Increase Your Reach

PPC allows you to reach the most relevant patients in your area with very affordable ad spend. A Google Ads Specialist can set up ads that are targeted at certain demographics like women or men, people who live in specific neighborhoods, or people who have already been to your website. The more specific you are with your ad targeting, the less likely it is that you will end up spending money on web users who may not be interested in your services or live too far away.

Build Trust with Potential Patients

Your PPC ads on Google can help build trust with potential patients very quickly. You can add multiple reviews to your ad copy, along with more information about what sets you apart from other chiropractors in the area. Once someone is ready to schedule an appointment for chiropractic care, they may be more likely to choose a practice that has had positive results and satisfied patients in the past.

Set Up A Successful Google Ad Campaign with ChiroCandy Marketing

Google advertising can be a very powerful tool to help chiropractic practices grow their patient base. However, running a successful PPC campaign can be very confusing and complicated. If you don't want to resort to trial and error when it comes to getting the most out of your marketing budget, then you may want to hire a professional PPC partner to help you maximize your return on investment.

At ChiroCandy Marketing, our Google Ads specialist team can take care of all aspects of your PPC strategy so that you can focus on providing quality patient care instead. We specialize in helping chiropractors just like you get the most out of your PPC and Google Ad campaign so that you can generate more leads and garner more referrals. We've worked with hundreds of chiropractors throughout the country, and we'll provide you with the highest level of digital marketing service at an unbeatable price.

In addition to chiropractors, we also work with other functional medicine practitioners to help them grow their patient base. Our holistic marketing strategies can be customized to meet the needs of your practice, regardless of whether you specialize in back pain relief, prenatal care, stem cells, or anything else!

If you're ready to start bringing more patients into your practice and experience a dramatic increase in new referral cases with a top-performing digital marketing team, contact ChiroCandy Marketing today at 1-800-662-1745. Together, we will build a customized digital marketing strategy to help your practice reach its full potential.

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