CC015 | Marketing Mindset of a Million Dollar Practice – With Dr. Brett Axelrod


This week we visit with Dr. Brett Axelrod with The Markson Connection.

Dr. Axelrod is a Professional Certified Life Coach and co-founder of The Markson Connection, a unique, program carefully hand-crafted for an exclusive “tribe” of synergistic chiropractors seeking to build practices and lives that are truly successful and significant.  The “tribal concept” of The Markson Connection focuses on building your Best Practice Ever, Discovering you Authentic Self, and enjoying a life filled with Abundance and Prosperity.

He built a high volume multi-doctor practice that runs like a Swiss watch, earning him recognition as Chiropractor of the Year in 1999. A popular and entertaining speaker, his colorful application of sports metaphors and principles make him an outstanding and productive coach.  He has spoken internationally for Parker Seminars, The Masters Circle, and The United Chiropractic Association in London.  Dr. Axelrod knows the value of hard work and high standards, and brings passion and exuberance to everything he does, both in his practice and in his interaction with coaching members.

Today we talk about the developing a marketing mindset of a million dollar practice.

Things Discussed In This Episode:

Be – Do – Have:
You have to Be (Believe) Before you can Do.
You have to Do before you can Have.

4 Pillars Of Chiropractic Success
1.  Head Space
2.  Philosophy
3.  Systems & Procedures
4.  Marketing

What are your weaknesses?

Big 4 (Head Space)
1.  Written Goals
2.  Affirmation
3.  Meditation
4.  Visualization

Reprogram your mind from failure thinking to success thinking.


Website: The Markson Connection
Webinar July 15, 2015: The Marketing Mindset of a Million Dollar Practice


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