86: Video Marketing Essentials – With Billy Sticker

Today is another solo episode.  Listen as Billy shares chiropractic video marketing essentials

In The Episode: Video Marketing Essentials

Facebook Video Ads
Facebook Live

Know, Like & Trust

Always Have An Offer (What Next)

Types of Videos (content ideas)

Office Tour
“Why Chiropractic”
New Patient “Required” Video – PreConsult
5 Top Questions Patients Ask
5 Top Questions You Wish Patients Asked


Hold Phone sideways when recording
Talk to one patient (not a crowd)
Speak with Authority, but friendly, relaxed (like you where talking to younger sibling or teenager)

Smartphone Video Equipment List – Download Here

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training  http://go.billysticker.com/fb-training

3 Step Headache Campaign  http://chirocandy.wpengine.com/headachefunnel

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