85: 3 Facebook Marketing Secrets – With Billy Sticker

billy sticker speaking in san deigo

Last weekend I spoke at Dr. Erich Breitenmoser's Bootcamp event in San Diego, CA.  In this episode I share my tales and important Facebook Marketing Secrets every chiropractor should know.

  • Secret #1 95% of Doctors Are Doing FB Marketing Wrong
    • Posting Content/Articles
    • Boosting Posts
    • Focused on Getting Likes
  • Secret #2 – Facebook Marketing Is Different Than Traditional Direct Response Marketing…
    • Traditional Direct Response… Compelling Offer + Call To Action
    • Facebook is Social Media: Know, Like & Trust
  • Secret #3 – Facebook Is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon… 
    • YouTube… Facebook videos
    • Periscope… Facebook Live

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FREE DotCom Secrets Book: http://chirocandy.wpengine.com/freedcsbook  (Just pay $7.95 shipping)  If you order the book then don't think it was worth $7.95, let me know and I'll pay you $16.00.  You'll double your money.


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