CC 044 | Having Purpose Bigger Than Your Fears – With Dr. Otto Janke!


This week Billy Sticker sits down with Dr. Otto Janke and discusses having purpose bigger than your fears.

“I didn't know what Chiropractic was, or that the philosophy of Chiropractic was already in me until I discovered it one day” says Dr. Otto Janke. “It was THAT day that I became a Doctor of Chiropractic. The schooling was really quite secondary from that point”.

Janke found the definition in a book and it was attributed to Palmer College of Chiropractic. “I ran back to my apartment, called them and said ‘Send me everything you have. I am coming to Palmer”.
“I found my gang. My tribe. And it was like nothing I had experienced before” Janke says enthusiastically. The next year found him in Davenport, Iowa at Palmer and the rest is history. “I always knew I would go back to my hometown (Cortland, NY) to help my friends and family to be healthier. That mission has not stopped”.
In practice since 1992, Janke now has the great opportunity to teach, coach, and lead other DCs as a coach with Chiropassion Consulting ( “One of the biggest areas I work with Docs is their communication of Chiropractic. People will love Chiropractic if you can help them see that it is really what they want”, Janke says. “I do this often with what I call ‘disruptive marketing', where you reposition them mentally”.
Dr. Janke speaks often to groups, organizations, and companies on Chiropractic, longevity, and on his first book, “You Were Born to be Healthy”,  which can be found on Amazon.
In This Episode:
  1. Get Back To Your True Voice
  2. Your Purpose Must Be Bigger Than Your Fears
  3. Become A GREAT Public Speaker!
  4. Certainty
  5. Clarity
  6. Confidence
  7. Communication
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