CC 009 | Marketing From The Heart – Interview with Chris Burfield


In this episode we visit with Chris Burfield.
Chiropractic Strategic Marketer, Chris Burfield has helped thousands of Chiropractors world wide serve more patients, make more money and save more lives.  His entire marketing philosophy is “Market From The Heart”.  He is also a host of the podcast with the same name, “Market From The Heart.”
Chris is not a Chiropractor himself, but has spent over 18 years serving the chiropractic profession.  First as a Chiropractic Assistant then as a practice owner and now as a strategic marketer.
His strengths lie in helping chiropractor bring their unique message to the world.  He prides himself on teaching chiropractors how to be different and rise above the crowd and attract their ideal clients in very noisy market place.
Chris' purpose and mission is educate people all around the globe about the wonderful world of chiropractic and he does that by helping chiropractors share their own loving, heart felt messages through their marketing efforts.

Things Discussed in this episode:

1. Be Yourself.
– Not a clone of a management company scripts
– Be transparent
– Communicate

2. Speak From the Heart
– Marketing from the heart
– Be genuine

People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt

3. Take Full Advantage of Social Media
– Know, Like and Trust



Tools Discussed: Almost $1,000 worth of free marketing training

Illuminati Internal Marketing System A must-have system for marketing to your existing patients.

Vont: A free app that allows you to write text on videos straight from your phone.


Find Chris Burfield:

Facebook: /ChiropracticUnderground

His Podcast: Market From The Heart

Twitter: @ChrisWBurfield

Instagram: @ChiropracticUnderground



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