CC 010 | Fundamentals Of A Successful Chiropractic Website – Interview with Matt Prados

Matt Prados

In this episode of ChiroCandy we visit with Matt Prados of

Matt comes from a long line of chiropractors.  Both of his parents were DCs.  There are actually over 70 chiropractors in his family tree, so you may just be related :).

He has worked in offices as a CA.  He has also ran several 7 figure and multiple 7 figure businesses.

In this episode we will look at the fundamentals of a successful chiropractic website to generate quality patients to your practice.

Things Discussed in this episode:

1.  Ask yourself: Who is your ideal patient?

2. Think about your website from your ideal patients point of you.
– Why are they at your site? 
They are normally there to get out of pain. 

3. Lead with getting them out of pain, then wellness care.

Market to what they want, give them that AND what they need.

4. Get google reviews… starting today!

5. Your websites need video.  Let them hear/see you in action.

Find Matt Prados:

Twitter: @mattprados


Matt's Book FREE: New Patient Sniper Method

Books Recommended:

Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Work Week

Dan Kennedy's Marketing Books

Perry Marshall's 80/20 Sales & Marketing

Hope you enjoy this episode.  If you are ready to build a 7 figure practice, leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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