CC 012 | How To Increase Your PVA! – Interview with Dr. Tory Robson


This week we visit with Dr. Tory Robson of Winner's Edge Consulting.

Robson graduated from Montana State University while simultaneously serving a 6 year term in the US Air Force. Being turned-on to chiropractic, he then graduated from NWHSU in 1995. Robson has personally designed and owned 5 chiropractic practices plus designed and revamped countless others for DCs all over the country.

Due to demand from the profession, Robson created WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Consulting to teach his innovative and time tested systems. Every week he consults as many as 100 DC’s from all over the country and helps them create practices and personal lives of highest level in the profession today.

His Chiropractic Success Video Series reaches thousands of DC’s around the world every month. He has produced more than 500 Chiropractic Success Videos, authored 20 True Chiro Success Audio Sets. He is the Author of “The Image Doctor”  How your Self Image is the key to your Success and the CD Workbook set titled, “The 7 Pillars of Personal and Professional Success.” Plus has created the TRUE Chiro Success Seminar and Training Series consisting of 14 chiropractic success events each year including the one of a kind WINNERSEDGE DC Bootcamp. In addition, Robson has over 5000 coaching calls each year guiding and inspiring chiropractors to serve their communities at their best.

Robson consults and still practices out of his office in Eden Prairie Minnesota. He is committed to helping DC's build the smartest, most efficient, credible, and most successful practices in the world while simultaneously enjoying greatness in all areas of life.

Tory delivered such great value for almost an hour.  Because of that, this interview will be broken down into a 2-part episodes.

In this episode, the focus is on how to increase your PVA (Patient Visit Average).

Things Discussed in this episode:

1.  Debt Elimination – DC killer
– business card = Pay Some Now (Function Keys)
– list all debts
– smallest debt (regardless of % rates) = attack = Pay some daily

2. Treatment Time Limitation
– 240 minutes mornings/weeks
– 120 afternoon (720 (?) minutes per week seeing pst)
– Focus on quality | Limited volume

3. Teach you a sentence: “Re-sign Language”
– growth of your practice hinges on PVA   Increase 5- 10
– NP = 3 points of tension:
– Asking them to come in: Initial Consult
– Report of Findings:  Tell them “Let’s Do This…” “Let's get you rescheduled…”
– Getting them to stay: Wellness

Secret sentence to make an extra 50-100K this year:

“(If) You had it your way, how often would you go to the chiropractor, don’t say everyday like most people do.  Of course around here we all go once a week now what would you do?”

– You had it your way
– How often would you go to the chiropractor
– Don't say everyday like most people do
– Of course, around here we all go once a week now
– What would you do?

Find Dr. Tory Robson:

Website: Winner's Edge Consulting

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