133: Crushing Day 1 and 2 Procedures – Interview with Dr. Carolyn Griffin

Dr. Carolyn Griffin is in full-time practice and has recently opening a second
satellite office.

Caring for her patients, Dr. Griffin has a strong presence in her community,
sharing knowledge and health guidance with more than just her practice. She
founded ReVivify as a way of connecting and empowering women Chiropractors.
The group is a platform for conversation to help improve not only their practice,
but themselves.

She has also teamed up with Dr. Dan Grunert and started Keystone Chiropractic
Training to help doctors learn a Day 1 / Day 2 system that will grow their practice
in today’s changing market.

And as a former bikini competitor, Dr. Griffin’s love for fitness and nutrition led
her down a path of fermented foods. She started My Cultured Life and has a
passion to help and teach others with gut health issues about the benefits of
cultured foods.


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