134: The Art of Story with Dr. Mary Lucas-Flannery

Dr. Flannery is a chiropractor, an educator, a professional marketer and the creator of The Art of Story Project. Mary coaches future chiropractic students, current chiropractic students and chiropractors in the field.

The Art of Story Project offers online classes to professionals who are seeking to improve their ability to communicate by integrating the timeless craft of storytelling. Storytelling touches people’s hearts and minds and allows shift to occur. Mary has a book coming out this summer (The Art of Story: How to Increase Your Influence with Modern Storytelling).

Mary is a chiropractor with a background in writing, marketing and communication. After practicing in Wisconsin and Iowa, Mary made an unusual choice to serve the profession (and her passions) by working in chiropractic college enrollment and marketing. She has worked at three different chiropractic colleges in the past 21 years. Mary is currently the Dean of Enrollment at Life Chiropractic College West where she has lead the recruitment and enrollment team to substantial growth.


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