129: Advice From 33 Chiropractic Industry Leaders – Interview with Dr. Mike Headlee

Are you where you want to be? Do you want to move to the next level?  How can you help more people through chiropractic care?

Learn from over 30 of the top health and wellness professionals share their breakthrough strategies that brought them from working long hours running an average practice to a leveraged, high profitable business through elevating their authority in their market, adding tremendous value to their patients and clients, implementing systems and leading instead of managing.

Learn from industry leaders, such as:

Dr. John Demartini
Dr. Charlie Ward
Dr. Noel Lloyd
Dr. Tory Robson
Dr. Larry Markson
Dr. Steve Hoffman
Dr. Mike Gandolfi
Dr. Paul Inselman
And Many Others!

The 2017 Chiropractic Success Summit is a 7 day event that starts on Monday, September 18th through Sunday, September 24th.  It is a virtual summit that you can watch it from the comfort of your own home.

Best of all, it is free!  Sign up at www.chirosummit.com!

“Success is a skill, learn to master it.”  Dr. Mike Headlee, host of the 2017 Chiropractic Success Summit

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