130: From Practitioner to CEO – Interview w/ Dr. Peter Camiolo

Co-Founder of ChiroCEO, Peter Camiolo is a Doctor of Chiropractic who has spent the past decade mastering the art of leadership and communication in the clinical health space.

He is founder and CEO of what has consistently been one of the most successful chiropractic and natural health centers worldwide year after year. Dr. Pete is also a sought-after teacher and speaker, and he seeks to share a message of faith and freedom to all those feeling trapped or unfulfilled in their lives and career.

Dr. Pete cofounded ChiroCEO with his close friend, Dr. Josh Axe. (chiro-ceo.com)


Have you been to a conference where you sat in a room and listened to a bunch of exciting strategies and ideas that pumped you up…..but when Monday rolled around, nothing had actually changed? 

In this revolutionary new format, you won't just be listening to our expert speakers, you'll also dive deeper in intimate mastermind groups to implement the advanced training you'll receive from these top doctors and CEOs. Speakers will only speak 50% of the time. For the other 50%, we will be actively working with you on your business while you’re grouped with doctors and staff that run similar clinics as you.


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