CC 006 | The Power of Patient Education & Reputation Management – Interview with Dr. Len Schwartz


On this episode of ChiroCandy, we visit with Dr. Len Schwartz.

Dr. Len Schwartz was a practicing chiropractor for 12 years. After only 3 years in practice, he built one of the largest practices (if not the largest) in the Philadelphia, PA area. After six years in practice he owned one of the largest by-referral-only practices in the country. He actually had a sign outside his door that said, “You must know someone to get in!”

Additionally, after discovering he had some very rare and unique marketing, advertising and copyrighting skills, Dr. Len launched a marketing company in 1999 in order to help other doctors, professionals and small business owners build their practice. Interestingly enough, Chet Holmes (New York Times best selling author and Fortune 500 strategist) told Dr. Len that “he has never met another doctor or professional with the same level of marketing, advertising and copyrighting skills as he”.

Dr. Len is also one of the only doctors in the world (if not the only doctor) to have worked and/or partnered with some of the biggest names in marketing and business-building. They include: Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Bill Bartmann, Michael Gerber, Janet Switzer, Christine Comoford, John Assaraf, Gary Ryan Blaire, Alex Mandossian, Ron Legrand, and many more.

Dr. Len has “mastered” the step-by-step strategic marketing process that would enable any doctor or professional to automate the growth of their practice as well as penetrate and then completely dominate their market. Dr. Len’s has presented his famous lecture, “The 7 Musts of Marketing for Building A Million Dollar Practice” to over 20,000 people!

Things Discussed in this episode:

1. Continued Pt Education DAILY!
– Commit to 10-15 seconds educating your patients every visit.
– This leads to them staying,
– Paying and
– Referring more.

2. Staff needs to be 100% on board and behind you!
– Staff education is just as important as patient education.

3. Be 100% Honest.
– Treat patients as a family member.
– Acknowledge their problem.

Key Take Away:

Patient Education is vitally important to the health of your practice!

Tools Discussed: (Some links may be affiliate links.  If you decide to take advantage of a product or service, I may get a commission.  Thank you.)

Pro2ProNetwork: Professional referral network

Squeaky Clean Reputation: Online reputation management

Instant Influencer: How to write a book and use it to grow your practice.  This is my course that Dr. Tabor used to write both of his books.


Find Dr. Len Schwartz:

Facebook: /len.schwartz1

Twitter: @DrLenSchwartz




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