CC 005 | The Champion’s Blueprint – Interview With Dr. Jeff Spencer


Over the last forty years, Dr. Jeff Spencer has had the privilege to work on and alongside some of our generation’s greatest achievers: Sir Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Bono and U2, Maria Sharapova, Olympic gold medalists and world champions—spanning bobsledding to motocross to football—as well as playwrights, entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, writers, executives, chiropractors, contractors, and scholars.

He has compared his experience in coaching people to world-class success against the advice He gathers from other gurus, experts, and coaches. Most of what they say is, at best, partially correct and, at worst, completely wrong. Their advice is about getting into a positive mindset, learning the right habits, developing your strengths, and generally chasing the details.

In Dr. Jeff's own words:

Their wins didn’t come from any of these secrets. They derived their success from following a universal path. Once I began to notice the recurring similarities in how professional athletes achieved their goals, I began noticing the same things with artists, entrepreneurs, and health professionals. Emboldened with this newfound knowledge, I became an avid student explicitly searching for the steps of this seemingly mystical system.

I call it “the Champion’s Blueprint.” The more of it I have unearthed and understood, the more I see it everywhere. In parenthood, in creating a masterpiece, in project management, in fitness, in relationships, in finance—it’s the universal path to human achievement and success, regardless of the size or scope of your ambition.


Discussed in this episode:

The Champion's Blueprint – Broken into two sections, preparation and performance.


1. Legacy – Begin with the end in mind.  Filter for your actions.

2. Vision – Not a goal. The emotion of achievement.  Passion. Purpose

3. Mindset – Courage and conviction.

4. The Base – Inventory.  Skills and tools needed.  Are you an expert?


5. The Climb – Boots on the ground.  The work.  Malcolm Gladwell's 10K hour rule.

6. Elevation – The top.  It now comes natural, without thinking.

7. Adaptation – Staying on top.  Avoiding the inevitable outside forces.

8. The Wave – Avoid self-sabotage.


Advice to “younger” self:

Surround yourself with the best people possible (advisors).  Have a cornerman.

More From Dr. Jeff Spencer:

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