CC 056 | Are Visit Number DC Models Going Extinct? – Interview With Dr. Josh Wagner


In this week's episode of ChiroCandy, Billy interviews Dr. Josh Wagner of The Perfect Patient Funnel System.

Dr. Josh Wagner created a very profitable and stress free practice starting out with less than $5,000 in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

After being frustrated with chiropractic’s low public perception, drastically declining insurance coverage, being taught scripts for patients and coming off as a salesman while feeling uncertain about the best care to recommend…

He took a step back from the way Chiropractic has been preached to practice the past 30 years.

The way that made him feel uneasy in practice, not fully himself, and ultimately not in love with practicing, anymore.

It sparked the creation of The Perfect Patient Funnel System

Listen as Billy and Dr. Josh Wagner answer the question, are visit number DC models going extinct?

In This Episode:

  • Time Based Care Plans
  • Communication
  • New Practice Growth Strategies

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