137: Tips for Making Facebook Videos – with Billy Sticker

Hey guys, Billy Sticker here and we are in beautiful New Braunfels in the Texas Hill Country, and we have a great location. You can see the Guadalupe River and stuff behind us, but I don't know if you can hear the chainsaws in the background, also.

One of the things I wanted to talk about today is recording videos. You always want to take advantage of situations like this. If you're out and about, record some videos that you can make some content with that are in different environments. Because, your number one objective when you're doing videos on Facebook is to capture their attention. Now, there's some changes going on with videos. For example, right now, in my newsfeed, videos are not playing automatically. Some people, they're still playing automatically. So, they're going through some changes. Regardless, you want to make sure the thumbnail is something different that's going to capture their attention if it's not.

But, you want to change things up, even if you're just in your office. You don't want to have one spot in your office where you're always recording videos, because people get used to seeing something, and on a subconscious level, they think they've already seen it. So, you want to switch stuff up. It's not just about wearing a different shirt, it's about using props. Use the spine. Have a whiteboard where you're demonstrating something or maybe stand in front of a light box or going over some x-rays or something. Or, you can have a patient that you're using as an example. Dr. Alex Vidan did a really cool video here a couple years ago. He was standing in front of a light box that had an x-ray of an ankle on it, and he was talking about getting into spring and summertime, people starting to wear flip-flops. So, he had a flip-flop, and was talking about … Or just sandals in general. It was a great piece of content. It captured people's attention, which is what you want to do.

Always use props, different locations. You can be at restaurants and talk about how you can eat healthy when you're still eating out. There's all kinds of ideas. So, you want to use props, but whenever it comes to different content strategies, you want to think about what is it that I want my ideal patient to know? That right there can give you tons and tons of content just right there. Or, what are questions that you have patients asking all the time. Write done a list of those questions. Answer those questions. You can even do a series on the top five questions a new patient asks. Then, you can do a series on the top five questions I wish a new patient would ask.

There's tons of ideas for content. Some of our doctors that do a lot of nutrition and stuff, I recommend looking at Dr. Josh Axe, at their Facebook videos. Now, I am not saying steal his content. I'm not saying that at all, but they have built a hundred million dollar business on-line producing great content. You can do to Dr. Josh Axe, or I think it's just Dr. Axe, to his Facebook page, and click on the videos. Go back six months, nine months, go back a year, and just look at the titles of his videos. You can take those titles, and come up with your own spin on those titles. You can get ideas just from the titles, and then come up with your own topics.

Another really cool strategy for coming up with video content is, you know those Dummy books? The yellow and black, book for Dummies? If you can find a book on that on whatever subject it is you want to talk about, whether it's just health in general or wellness or exercise or nutrition. If you ever look in the beginning of those books, their table of contents are typically 20 to 30 pages long. It's incredible how detailed their table of contents are. You can take a section of their table of contents, just for structure ideas, write those down, and then you give some videos on that topic. I'm not saying read the books and steal their content, but just look at how the content, the framework they use.

Anyway, I hope you guys found this video enlightening. We actually have a whole series of training videos that we do for our clients that goes into more detail on this and really cool tips and strategies on topic ideas. If you're a client of ours, it's located inside of the training, so make sure you go check that out. That's it. We will be recording more videos and more tips and stuff like this for you soon. Thanks!

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