CC 072 | Stop Selling & Close More Reports – Interview with Dr. Charles Webb


Today Billy visits with Freedom Practice Coaching founder, Dr. Charles Webb.

Dr. Charles Webb has been teaching business strategies to doctors across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, for the last four years. His teaching methods have allowed hundreds of doctors to double and even triple their revenue, while at the same time improving patient compliance, outcome, and experience. Dr. Webb's proven strategies allowed him to build a $3-Million per year practice — while working only 4 days a week with just 5 staff members. These strategies are now available to you.
“If your prospective patients aren’t moving forward with your recommendations because of the money… it’s not because you aren’t a capable practitioner, you simply need to learn how to better communicate the real value that you offer…” — Dr. Charles Webb
Listen as Dr. Webb teaches how to stop selling and close more reports!

In This Episode:

  • You don't have to “sell” people.
  • PreEducation
    • Webinar
    • Talk
    • Etc
  • Resolution of issue
    • Not “Treatment and/or Adjustment”
    • ROF
    • 80% Close

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