106: Practicing Abroad Part 2 – interview w/ Dr. Justin Trosclair

Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C. bought and sold a private practice in Denver, Colorado over a six year period after graduating from Texas Chiropractic College and Louisiana State University.  Roughly 80% of his patients were treated with instrument based adjusting and he spent a lot of time in the community and at networking events.  Over the years he got proficient at spinal decompression, cold laser, and kinesiology taping. Dr. Trosclair has taken several advanced courses in MRI interpretation as well as topics on personal injury.

He had a brief stint as an associate and private practice in Louisiana. During that year he was able to reconnect with family and meet his fantastic wife.

Next, Dr. Justin took a position working in a private hospital in a small town in China.  He is the only chiropractor for 200,000 people and the only foreigner in the city.  He works closely with many of the other hospital departments to appropriately treat the patients.  Since he doesn’t speak Mandarin, a translator handles all patient communication.  It’s a three way conversation all day and luckily his wife is Chinese so they get to work together instead of the hospital employing a translator for him. Dr. Trosclair is still able to build rapport due to his charisma, mannerisms and go with the flow personality.  He has been serving those people and traveling around Asia for 3 years.

Dr. Trosclair has been keeping busy after hours by writing a book, “Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health: Small steps to improving health, food choices and exercise.”  It’s available for download or purchase March 2017.  He has another book that is half completed about Acupuncture based on what he has seen in China that might be out in mid to late 2017.  His last big adventure is interviewing other doctors, marketers and influential guests about successes, overcoming trials, marketing, home- work balance, and more on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.  The best way to connect is to visit, www.adoctorsperspective.netThe site has all the social media links and email.

Practicing Abroad Part 2

Have you ever considered being an associate chiropractor in another country? Billy talks with Dr. Justin Trosclair about what it's like practicing in China.

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