110: Blueprint To Practice Automation with Dr. Aaron Gumm

Billy sits down with Dr. Aaron Gumm to discuss his new program, Blueprint To Practice Automation. His success rate for simplifying and implementing cash services is incredible!  But first, here is a little of Dr. Gumm's backstory…

It was by God’s grace, that Dr. Gumm DC, D.PSc ,has been led to do what he does. As a young college graduate, he was a nationally ranked college athlete, trained for the Olympic trials. His passion has always been health, wellness, and performance. He had to be an expert at an early age in order to compete at a national and global level in his sport.

Soon after graduation, his passion for health led him to pursue a career with Novartis, a global pharmaceutical company. Novarits sells pharmaceuticals, but also represented a medical nutrition division. His job was to educate hospital systems and specialty doctors about the benefits of medical nutrition versus nutrition through TPN, an intravenous nutrient delivery process. He spoke with some of the best doctors and hospital coordinators in the country regarding what was best for helping patients regain their health.

After numerous meetings and conversations he had a couple of realizations that shocked him. First, he realized that our healthcare system was not a “health” care system; it’s “sick” care system, a “disease” management system. We go to the doctor, get diagnosed with a disease or illness, then get a medication, injection, or surgery. The real reason why we have this illness is never addressed.

Blueprint To Practice Automation Webinar:

How to Earn an Extra $50K-$100K per Month in Cash & Save Time and Money with Practice Automation


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