CC 059 | Pt 2 – The Best Adjustment Is Above Your Atlas – Interview with Dr Joe Borio

This week is part 2 of Billy Sticker's interview with Dr. Joe Borio of ChiroPassionConsulting.  Dr. Joe shares how the best adjustment is above your atlas.

Dr. Joe was born February 7, 1965 in Syracuse, New York and is the third in a family of four children. His father owned and operated a large successful Italian restaurant where he learned the meaning of hard work. Playing every sport he could both in high school, college, and at the professional level, Dr. Joe decided to enter into a career to help ensure true health and wellness to the people in his community he knew as a boy.

After graduation from chiropractic school Dr Joe began his chiropractic practice in Cicero, New York in March 1991 at the same location he practices now. In the past 22 years Dr Joe has grown one of the largest practices in the country helping 1000s of people a year live a healthier life. Dr Joe is the father of two boys, the oldest Joey is 15 years old and the youngest Vito is 10.

Dr Joe started Chiropassion Consulting ten years ago in an effort to build successful chiropractors and help their teams reach the highest level of service possible. Dr Joe practices as he coaches his clients with passion, total commitment and hard work. He cares about the practices he oversees as much as his own.

His clients will tell you he is an honest man with a great outlook and a warm personality whose motivational speaking and conviction for his love of chiropractic is apparent in everything he does.

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