CC 023 | How To Land Your First Professional Sports Team – Interview With Dr. Mark Wade


This week Dr. Mark Wade discusses how to land your first professional sports team.

Dr. Mark Wade is the co-founder of the American Posture Institute with a combined experience of more than 10 years. Dr. Wade has a passion for posture and health that has driven him to become one of the best Postural Practitioner in the world. Dr. Wade values the importance of increasing knowledge and advancing his ability to help others. Having graduated with dual degrees in chemistry and biology, he then raised his education to the highest level, by becoming a Doctor in Chiropractic. From this point forward as a chiropractic physician Dr. Wade has obtained a PhD in Public Health, establishing him as one of the few Postural Practitioners in the world to obtain this.

Having a vast level of knowledge and experience Dr. Wade honed his skills specifically through many levels of postural specializations such as: Certified Postural Exercise Professional, Certified Postural Expert, Certified Functional Patterns Practitioner as well as becoming a Posturologist.

Dr. Wade is the creator of the internationally renown posture programs, 12 Weeks To Better Posture™ and FITPosture™ as well as the developer of the CPC (Complete Posture Correction™) Protocol. Dr. Wade is also the inventor of the ‘Spinal Push Test’, which is used for detection of postural instability.

Dr. Wade has been a featured speaker all over the world including the International Functional Medicine Conference in 2014, as an expert in posture and health. His opinion on posture and function is valued as one of the highest levels of expertise in posture.

Dr. Wade has published research in the field of Posture correlating the importance of posture for children in public schools, as well as having written for local and international publications. Dr. Wade has also written several books on the topics of posture, self-development, and co-authored the textbook “Principles of Posturology”.

Clinically Dr. Wade has worked with professional athletes and sports teams in every major sports arena and boasts a total of 7 national championships from 5 different sports teams. Dr. Wade has served as the official Postural Practitioner for the 4 Time National Champions – Parma Panthers. He has become widely known for his ability to help individual athletes and teams perform at their maximum potential. In addition to his clinical work Dr. Wade also trains other health professionals to become postural experts,
and helped develop what is considered the best postural certification program in the world.

Discussed In This Episode:

  1. No your UEP   (Unique Expert Position)
  2. Look the Part
    1. Talk their lingo
    2. Be congruent
    3. Hang up sports memorabilia etc.
  3. Start Small
  4. Get a referral
  5. How to get paid
    1. Exchange for service
    2. Publicity
    3. Paid a stipend
    4. Athletes cover payment

Tools Discussed In This Episode:


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