CC 036 | How To Build An Evolved Enterprise – Interview With Yanik Silver


Billy's first introduction into the world of internet marketing was through a book by Robert Allen called, Multiple Streams of Internet Income.  It was in that book that Billy first heard the name, Yanik Silver.  In this episode, Billy sits down with Yanik Silver to discuss building an evolved enterprise.

Yanik Silver is an entrepreneur, author, and well-known digital marketing expert.  Yanik is the founder of Maverick Business Adventures, an invitation-only club for high net worth and adventurous entrepreneurs.

Yanik came to the United States at the age of two, when his parents emigrated from Russia. He began by selling medical equipment for his father's College Park, MD medical supply business at age 14.  In 1998, Yanik undertook his first entrepreneurial venture: a $900 marketing course for cosmetic surgeons. By the time he was 26, he was making $10,000 to $15,000 a month teaching physicians how to improve their sales.

Yanik used $1,800 of investment capital to launch “Instant Sales Letters,” a Web 1.0 service that provided writing templates for sales letters. According to Forbes, he's produced more than half a dozen seven figure online businesses since then.

Yanik, a self-described “adventure junkie,” founded Maverick Business Adventure (MBA) & Maverick 1000 in 2008. MBA mixes high-thrill adventure and intimate entrepreneurial networking. The group is invitation only, and entrepreneurs worth or earning more than $1 million are eligible. The cost to join is $15,000.

The club has scuba dived off Iceland's Silfra Ravine, been off-road racing with Jesse James, annually spend a week at Richard Branson's Necker Island, had simulation dogfights in World War II–era planes, and featured sessions with Tony Hawk, John Paul DeJoria,  Jesse James, and Sir Richard Branson. MBA is also a philanthropic organization and Yanik says he has “a goal by 2020 of getting 10,000 young entrepreneurs aged 13–23 to start their own companies.

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