93: Email Marketing For Chiropractors – With Billy Sticker

This episode is a solo-show where Billy discuss 9 key fundamentals of email marketing for chiropractors.

Email Marketing For Chiropractors:

Get an Autoresponder
– Aweber (My favorite) chirocandy.com/aweber (Affiliate link)
– MailChimp
– ConstantContact

9 Fundamentals of Email Marketing
1. The “From”
2. The Subject Line
3. Content (PAST Formula)
4. Call To Action
5. Purpose (Branding, Promotion, Reactivations, etc)
6. Measurable
7. Instant Feedback
8. Valuable
9. Types of Content (YouTube videos, Secrets, Tips)

More From This Episode:


What You’ll Get…
  •  3 Complete Marketing Funnels!
  •  5 Days of Training – Learning The Funnels
  •  Private Facebook Group for support!
  •  Partner with other doctor for accountability!
  •  And more… All For FREE!

Take The Marketing Challenge…


Chiropractic Marketing Challenge chirocandy.com/challenge

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