CC 062 | Designing Your Ideal Chiropractic Practice – Interview with Dr. Tom Preston


On this episode of ChiroCandy, Billy Sticker visits with Dr. Tom Preston of Full Circle Coaching and Consulting.  Listen as they discuss designing your ideal chiropractic practice.

Dr. Tom Preston is a highly acclaimed public speaker, life & business coach, chiropractic consultant and advisor who helps unlock the potential and authenticity of his clients, readers and listeners. His customized approach of unifying professional goals with personal talents has helped countless people discover the success they want to achieve. Dr. Tom believes everyone has the power to find fulfillment in their lives, bringing them closer to their dreams and providing the necessary mechanics to allow them to hold on to those dreams.

Dr. Tom is the author of several books, including audio and video programs, and has been heralded as one of the recognized leaders in professional career development.

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Designing Your Ideal Chiropractic Practice

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