CC 067 | 7 Secrets To Closing More Patients – with Billy Sticker


ChiroCandy founder and host, Billy Sticker, shares from his 17 year career in sales, 7 secrets for you to use to close more patients, help more people and increase your impact in your community.  This is an episode you will want you associates to listen to.  You will even want to listen to this one over and over.

From This Episode:

  1. Selling is Good.  Greed is Bad.
    1. Exchange of value
  2. Everyone Sells
    1. Job interview
    2. Date/Spouse
    3. Kids sell us
  3. Sell or Be Sold
    1. You or selling them or they are selling you
    2. Why they can or why they can't.
  4. Price is Not The Objection
    1. “I can't afford it.”
    2. Most common objection
    3. Easiest to use
    4. Not enough Value
    5. Justice Scales
  5. Objections are Good
    1. Tools for closing
    2. If they change objections they are lying.
  6. Big Number then Little Number
    1. $30K coins then $4500 coins
    2. $600 Suit, then $100 shirt, then $60 tie
    3. Watermark
    4. Daymond John Seminar: $20K -> $4K -> $997 -> $497
  7. You Will Never Close A Big Deal Unless You Ask For It
    1. Client/Patient example: $3K, $6K, $9K packages
    2. Is there value?
    3. Benefits the patient?
    4. Only good things can happen
      1. If they say no, the $3-6K package look more affordable.
      2. If they say yes, then everyone wins.

Tools Mentioned In This Episode:

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