CC 065 | Getting More New Patients From Talks, The Introverted Way – Interview with Chen Yen


In today's episode Billy visits with Chen Yen of

Have you tried to do talks to get more patients, but you get discouraged when people don’t show up?

Isn’t it frustrating when people tell you “great talk!”, but you never hear from them again?

Speaking is one of the fastest ways to show up, do a talk, and get more clients in 1 hr than you would from a month of networking…..and a great way to stop trading dollars for hours…IF you know what you’re doing. That’s what led me to interview Chen Yen today.

Chen is known as a “6 & 7 Figure Practice Makeover” Mentor for holistic practitioners. She is the Founder of

Chen is an expert at showing introverted chiropractors how to grow a consistent 6 or 7-figure practice without having to feel drained from having to always be putting themselves “out there”.

Chen is a pharmacist who kept a secret to herself about how she really felt about drugs. She then started and grew a business from 0 to 7 figures the introverted way in less than 5 years. After feeling frustrated with handing out pills then with the business she grew to 7 figures, she is now excited to finally be living her passion, showing entrepreneurs like you how to get the word out about their practice… AND attract a waiting list of clients.

She’s helped chiropractors quickly double or triple their practices within less than 3 months…the introverted way.

Her vision is that our healthcare system truly becomes integrated people stop having to depend on drugs surgery when they don’t work.

Chen has seen it from both sides….both in providing healthcare in the traditional healthcare model receiving chiropractic, acupuncture, and naturopathic care as a patient.

The main way she grew her second business to multi-6 figure business in around two years has been primarily through speaking. That’s what I’ve asked her to come talk to us about today.

You can look around Chen’s website at

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