80: Chiropractic Relationship Marketing – Interview with Dr. Jerry Kennedy


Billy interviews the Black Sheep DC founder, Dr. Jerry Kennedy.  Listen as they discuss the 3 keys to successful chiropractic relationship marketing.

About Dr. Jerry Kennedy… In His Own Words:

I'm a nobody from nowhere. I’m not the highest paid marketing expert in the world. I have never racked in 80 new patients from a dinner talk. And I have never seen a thousand patients in a week (nor did I ever want to).

I did, however, spend 9 years operating a successful chiropractic practice and I’m a bit of a relationship marketing expert. Chiropractic patients I understand. I know why they start care, why they choose to stick around and why they leave. That information is incredibly valuable for any chiropractor looking to grow a high-referral, high-retention practice.

I also like to teach, which is why in 2015 I created BlackSheepDC.com. It’s designed provide chiropractic marketing tips that help improve retention, increase retention and get new patients from the internet without selling chiropractic. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to plug in to the Black Sheep DC family. You will be glad you did. 

In This Episode:

3 Keys To Any Successful Relationship

  1. Break The Ice
  2. Give Value
  3. Follow Up

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