CC 075 | 3 Chiropractic Marketing Funnels – Interview With Dr. Chad Woolner


Today, Billy talks with Dr Chad Woolner about 3 chiropractic marketing funnels.

Dr. Chad Woolner began his Chiropractic practice in 2009.  Right smack in the middle of one of the worst recessions in our country’s history.  During those first few years he struggled to find marketing strategies that actually worked.  He hired some of the supposedly best chiropractic consulting groups in the industry.  He worked their systems only to find that their systems were ineffective, outdated, and irrelevant.
It was right at this time that he decided to devote himself to seeking out strategies that really worked.  After years of blood, sweat and tears, he has created a proven system that generates consistently high numbers of quality new patients each month into his practice.  He has studied with the best of the best when it comes to business and marketing.

As a result of countless hours of study, implementation, testing and tweaking he has developed cutting-edge online marketing strategies that have not only transformed his practice but other chiropractic practices throughout the nation as well.

In addition to this, he recently launched The Reboot Podcast which provides chiropractors with motivation, inspiration, strategies and tactics to help them succeed and thrive in this new economy.

He wants to ensure that no other chiropractor ever has to struggle the way he did by taking advice from so many of the big box chiropractic consulting groups that are so completely out of touch with what really works in today’s market.  Currently he has launched a 3 Core Funnel Marketing system that he teaches in a free webinar.

In this Episode – 3 Chiropractic Marketing Funnels:

  1. Reboot Funnel: 10-15 New Patients per month
  2. Epic Funnel: 30+ New Patients per quarter
  3. Proof Funnel: Steady monthly stream of New Patients

You can check out more at:

Chiro Funnel Secrets Webinar  (* affiliate link)

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