115: The Power of Brand Building – with Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz

This week Billy Sticker sits down with Ken “Spanky” Moskowitz to talk about the power of Brand Building…

As a father of 5, this man knows how to multitask. OK, his wife really does the multitasking, Spanky's a close second.

Spanky started his creative career in New York City, and quickly rose to the top of the broadcast creative industry. Over the many years of his career, he's been at the helm of brand positioning,  advertising  and marketing campaigns.

In the mid 90’s, he had a killer promotional idea and helped Coca Cola launch their Red Hot Summer campaign. The campaign quickly gained traction nationwide. It went on to become a global branding effort.

He has led rebranding and resurrection efforts of many major and smaller brands over the last three decades. Brands like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its famed Indy 500Frito-LaySamuel AdamsCoca ColaM&M MarsCLR,Campbell’s, and SpaghettiOs. Sports teams like the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona DiamondbacksAmerican Dermatology CenterDon and Charlie’s Steakhouse, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He has revitalized ailing broadcast outlets and sports franchises. His unique approach to creative and to fun, yet memorable branding, sets him apart in the industry. His approach is at times edgy, always unique and very memorable.

His goal is to create more personal, powerful branding for clients in an atmosphere that lifts the industry and cares about clients like family.

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