88: Brain Based Wellness – Interview With Dr. Bob Hoffman


This week Billy Sticker sits down with Dr. Bob Hoffman of The Masters Circle to discuss brain based wellness.

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President and CEO of The Masters Circle, a highly specialized and unique Leadership Training and Practice Building organization that has revolutionized the traditional model of management consulting and coaching for chiropractors common in our profession today.

Dr. Hoffman graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1978. He ran a very successful, cash based, high volume practice on Long Island for 23 years before pursuing his dream of leading and guiding an unsurpassed group of chiropractic professionals with a multitude of college backgrounds, political affiliations, practice sizes and technique styles toward the lifestyle and practice of their dreams.

Throughout his distinguished career, he has achieved a wide variety of honors including becoming the12th President of the International Chiropractors Association; a renowned organization which began in 1926, and as a founding member and Chairman of the Board of the New York Chiropractic Council.

As a Bestselling author, international speaker, sought after coach and well-known figure in the profession, Dr. Hoffman accepts speaking engagements worldwide. His passion and results speak for themselves, as he has successfully guided thousands of chiropractors and their teams to professional excellence and personal mastery.

More From Dr. Bob Hoffman on Brain Based Wellness:

The New Chiropractic Manifesto Bootcamp

Join Dr. Bob Hoffman as he takes the next step in the evolution of the chiropractic profession. Featuring 8 of the most distinguished neurologically based chiropractors, these 10 modules explore how to overcome the sympathetic survivaly syndrome and advance chiropractic to create a new gold standard for practice.

The 10 Modules Include:

  1. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Setting the Stage & Maximizing the Program
  2. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Brain Based Wellness-The New Chiropractic Story
  3. Dr. George Gonzalez- The Holographic Nervous System
  4. Dr. Richard Barwell- The 4 Major Brain Dysfunctions & How they Alter the Adjustment
  5. Dr. Tim Merrick- What is the New Intent & Purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment?
  6. Dr. Jared Leon- The New Conversation & the Visit by Visit Protocol
  7. Dr. Francis Murphy- The Polyvagal Connection to Health & Wellness
  8. Dr. Rob Melillo- Adjusting Unilaterally in the New Model
  9. Dr. Rob DeMartino- Metabolic Support to Neurologic Healing
  10. Roundtable Discussion & Specific Action Steps


Website: themasterscircle.net
Email: bob@themasterscircle.com
Office: 800-451-4514

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