83: Beyond The Pain – Interview with Dr. Jeff May


In this episode, Billy Sticker visits with Dr. Jeff May.

Dr. Jeff May grew up in rural Nebraska where he enjoyed long days in the hayfield, farm pond fishing and roping in rodeos on the weekend. It was there that his parents instilled in him three things: Pray, Focus and Work Hard. To this day he still gives these three habits credit to his success.

In his breakout book, ‘Beyond the Pain: Living Your Advantage Life In A Disadvantaged World,’ Dr. Jeff takes a unique approach to health by first setting up your life’s vision, which he calls your Advantage Life, then setting the target your health needs to be in order to live that life. He and his beautiful wife, Olivia, live in Minnesota with their four children.

In This Episode: Beyond The Pain

Common Objections
1. Time
2. Energy
3. Money

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