CC 025 | How To Automate Your Marketing – Interview with Jared Yellin


Jared Yellin has been an entrepreneur since graduating early from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Upon earning his degree, Jared launched a reverse mortgage startup company in Chicago, spent time on Wall Street, worked closely with Dr. Patrick Gentempo at CLA/CWA, initiated the rapid expansion of a health and wellness franchise, participated in a large Merger and Acquisition of a nutraceutical company, became a speaker for small business owners, undergraduate students, entrepreneurs, etc. and most recently launched Synduit LLC in July 2011.

Jared Yellin is the Founder of SYNPRACTIC (Parent company: Synduit) which is the first automated marketing department which is specifically designed and engineered for chiropractors. Although he is not a chiropractor, Jared is the ultimate ambassador for the profession and has made it his life mission to ensure that chiropractic becomes the go-to source in healthcare.

Jared is also a sought after speaker and regularly graces the stage in front of chiropractors, health coaches, marketers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and a variety of other industries as well. He focuses on helping people learn the Synduit Communication Paradigm and how to Establish Emolectual Connections. The audience is always left in an inspired state and with the skills to effectively engage their audience, while building a movement of raving fans.

When Jared is not being his visionary and entrepreneurial self (which is rare!) his passion is the world of personal development, health and wellness, and spending time with his family (his engagement video went VIRAL!).

Today Jared and Billy discuss how to automate your marketing.

Things Discussed in this episode:

  1. You Must Have a 12 Month Marketing Plan
    – Automate IT
    – Know what your doing every month
    – Have it written down
  2. Marketing Should Be Education and Relationship Based
    – Patients are looking for the chiropractic lifestyle, they just don't know to call it chiropractic.
    – They don't want to be on medications.
    – They want to live with energy and vitality.
    – They want to raise healthy family.
    – They want to live a health and wellness oriented lifestyle.
  3. Only work with patients that you want to work with.
    – Be intentional with your marketing to attract your ideal patient.

Tools Discussed:

SYNPRACTIC: With SYNPRACTIC's automated marketing platform and fully-built marketing plans, you'll have more time to grow your business and benefit your community. Click Here To Learn More

Other Resources:

Instant Influencer:  Writing a book can be one of the single greatest marketing tools you can use to grow your practice.  But not from the sell of the book.  As a matter of fact, I recommend you give them way. (Especially since I show you how to get them printed for about $2.25 each)  Your book can be used as lead generation tool to be given away at dinner workshops or health screenings.  It can be used for patient education, increasing your PVA.  It can also be used to help get you $1000's of dollars in free publicity.  I have helped several chiropractors do just that.

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