CC 019 | 3 Simple Steps For Marketing Your Chiropractic Practice Online


This week we discuss the content of my book 3 Simple Steps For Marketing Your Local Business Online.

Things Discussed In This Episode:

Robert Cialdini's, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

1. Reciprocity
2. Social Proof
3. Liking
4. Authority
5. Scarcity
6. Commitment and Consistency

3 Simple Steps For Marketing:

1. What Is Your Purpose Online?
2. Planning Your Marketing
3. Creating Your Presence

The 5 C's Of Social Media Marketing
1. Crowd: Everyone
2. Community: Your Prospects
3. Concerns: Problems of Your Prospects You Can Solve
4. Content: Creating Valuable Content That Addresses The Concerns of Your Community
5. Customer: Turning The Community into Customers (Patients)

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