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3 Reasons Facebook Ads Aren't Working

Welcome back to another episode of Chiro Candy. I've got to tell you guys, this has en a little bit bittersweet. I've really missed doing these episodes, and at the same time, I have not, if that makes sense. For several years we did these every Tuesday, 5:00 AM Central Time a new episode came out. And I was unbelievably consistent with getting these done. And as our business started growing, and we got more and more clients, and the stress of just life, and work, and stuff began to add up. My wife would ask, what are some things that are stressing you out? And one was checking email. And she's like, well, look, why don't you have Renee do that? Which is one of our team members that helps out on the Facebook side of things. So she really became my assistant. Not only does she work in the Facebook side of the business, but she started checking my emails, and organizing that, and letting me know, hey, which ones I need to respond to, and so on and so forth. And that really helped. But we went, in January of this past year, of 2018, which is the same month we did the ChiroCandy Cruise, we were at about 60 offices we were working with doing Facebook.

That's not including all the offices, and doctors that we help write books and stuff for. But just the Facebook side of things, now we're well over 100 offices we're working with. And that happened in just a matter of months, we just doubled in size. And we hired a lot of new staff, and got our staff trained, and everybody's here local. We don't have anybody in India doing this. As a matter of fact, it's a lot of people we go to church with that work in the business with us now. So anyway, we worked on our systems, and our processes, and getting everything right. But I kind of gave myself permission to take a step back from doing the podcast. And I've got to tell you, for me, and this is a little bit selfish, but it was a nice break. It felt good. And we also had some issues. I don't know if some of you guys who listen to the show for a while may notice that we had some issues with the mic. I'd have people email me saying, oh my goodness, your last episode from 13 minutes to 16 minutes, your audio went almost completely silent. I mean, just issues like this.

And so, I'd replace the mic, and then the other mic was having issues, and it was just a stress point in my life that I was like, you know what? I'm giving myself permission to just not do this for a while. And then I've been traveling, speaking at different events, and it really has been great. People coming up to me saying, hey, what's going on? I miss the show. And even some big name influencers in the profession saying, Billy, dude, what's going on? Where's ChiroCandy? And so, we had last week's episode with Tabor, which the first episode we've done in quite some time. And so, now we're back. We are going to start doing these more regularly. And I even have a new podcast that I'm going to be starting, that I'm really excited about also. It's going to be a totally different genre, if you will. It's going to be called, The Blessed Entrepreneur. And it's going to be about, God wants us blessed to be a blessing. And the purpose of wealth is to help spread the gospel, and some really cool stuff we're going to be going over. But it's going to be more of an entrepreneur, internet marketing type podcast with a tilt on scripture. And not at all trying to use God to sell anything. That's not it.

It's more this mind set that some people have that you're supposed to be poor. That money is evil, and that's not the case at all. You can bless a lot more people when you have money, you can make a greater impact in the world when you have money. But you do that by serving as many people as you can. So anyway, that's going to be another podcast we're going to be doing here, launching really, really soon. So I'm excited about that. We're actually working on the website and stuff right now. But in this episode of ChiroCandy, let's go ahead and get into some meat. Some of the meat and potatoes. One of the things that I've noticed is, some of our most popular episodes are the ones where we talk about directly some tools when it comes to Facebook marketing, and what's working, and what's not working. And today we're going to cover three things or three reasons that your Facebook ads are not working. Or whenever we talk to offices, and they're like, look, we tried this before, and Facebook just doesn't work. Well, we see the same things over, and over, and over again. And basically, it comes down to these three things. The first one, whenever somebody says their Facebook is just not working. And whenever we say Facebook, we include Instagram in that as well.

When they say their marketing efforts just aren't working, it's because number one, there's no consistency. And I like to relate this to go to the gym. Or even in your diet and nutrition. All right? So let's say that you go to the gym, and you say, you know what? I'm going to start a new plan. I'm going to get in shape, and so on and so forth. And so, you go to the gym and you work out for a week. And you're as sore as can be, but you really don't see much of a change the next week. So you're like, you know what? Yeah, I went to the gym and it just didn't work. Because you just weren't consistent. Or you just go every once in a while. And so that's one of the biggest things, are you have to be consistent. Or your diet, right? You decide that you're going to eat Paleo, or Keto, or whatever, and somebody does that for a week. And okay, well I really didn't see that much of a change. So it just, yeah, that just doesn't work for me. Well, you just weren't consistent. And you've got to be consistent. It's almost like, I believe it was Jim Rone who used this example, and a flame, you can take your finger and run it through the flame. And it just doesn't hurt you. Right?

But if you do it long enough, eventually you're going gonna get burned. And that might be the negative way to look at this. But when you go to the gym and you're consistent with it, eventually it's going to work. You just have to be consistent. Whenever I graduated high school, I think I weighed 155, somewhere around through there. When Rustee and I got married, 22 years ago, I was about 165. In the majority of my adult life, I have worked out, and worked out, and worked out. Now, not a lot of CrossFit type head training, more just lifting weights, trying to put on size. Trying to put on some muscle. And now, just muscle wise, I mean, I've got more muscle on me right now than I ever have. And a lot of that is because I have been consistent. For years I've been consistent with it. And so, it's the same thing with marketing. Your marketing, you have to be consistent with it. But it's not just going to the gym, right? You can go to the gym and then look around and say, okay, what am I going to do today? If you don't have a plan, which is the second reason we see people where they miss it when it comes to their ads. It's just not having a plan. Right?

They get on there, and they get on Facebook and they boost a couple of posts. Or they shoot a video, and they boost that video, and then they don't do anything else with it. There's just really no plan. And so that's the second thing, second reason we see people. So the first one is, just not consistent. The second one is, just not having a plan. It's just like one of the things that I do is when I go, when it comes to weight training. And a lot of people do this same thing. Mondays I'll do chest, back. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays I do legs. Thursdays I do shoulders. Fridays I do arms. And then Saturdays I'll do traps, and maybe a few other things that I just kind of want to touch on, do some more cardio. And I'll also do some cardio throughout the week too. But have a plan. And even if I skip for a few days and then I go in, all I do is ask myself, okay, what's today? Today's Thursday. Thursdays I do shoulders. Even if I missed back that week, whatever day it is, is what day I'm going to do. Because that's the plan I've chosen to stick with. So it's the same thing with marketing. You just need some type of a plan that you can be consistent with and then stick with it.

Have a plan, find out what other people are doing that's working, and do that. One of the benefits that we have with working with so many offices across the, not just the country, really across the world. I mean, clients in Australia, Ireland, Peru, South, and Central America. We've got clients all over. But the great thing is, is sometimes we will find something new that's working. Whether we get an idea from a doctor or just our staff is talking with a client and comes up with a new campaign. We try it, and it works. Then we try it with a few other offices, and it's working for everybody. Well, then we get to take it and move it across everybody's campaigns, and everybody gets the benefit of that. So we find a plan that works, and then we implement it across everybody's campaign. So you want to be consistent, and then you want to have a plan, and follow that plan. All right? So that's step number two. And then the third reason that we see people not having good results with Facebook, is they're simply not compliant. How frustrating is that? Whenever you have a patient and they're like, yeah, this just chiropractic stuff isn't working. Okay. Does chiropractic work every time, right? Whether or not they feel it, we know it's working. But what they do outside of your office, you have little control over. Some patients are just not compliant.

Then we've had that with clients before. Somebody will sign up, and we'll use some stock images, so we can get a campaign going really quick. And then we ask them for images, some simple images of them with patients, and we give them samples, and so on and so forth. Just use an iPhone, right? If you have to, you can use an Android. But just use a cell phone, take a picture like the ones we send, and get them over to us, and we'll update your account in those pictures we know work better. And then they never do it, right? They just never send that to us. Or we ask for some specific videos. And one of the cool things that we do for our clients, we have some really cool online training that is some unbelievable tips and tricks on recording really cool videos for your office. And if they go through the training, they don't implement any of it, and they never get us a video. And then they say, well, this just isn't working. Well, no, you're not working. You haven't been compliant. We know what works really well.

We want you to have the most success possible. We just need you to do X, Y, and Z. Right? And so, when people aren't compliant when you're trying to tell them what they need to be doing, and they just don't do it, and then they say it doesn't work, that can be really frustrating. Just like it can with you, with a patient. So the three reasons we see people not having results with Facebook that they should have is because they're not consistent, they don't have a plan that they're following, and then they're not compliant. So, if you can learn to be consistent with your marketing. All right? One of the things we do, is we like to have offices do videos. Even if it's just a video, a short video, two to three minutes, do one every two weeks. We have some offices that do one a week. Actually, we have some offices that do several a week. And then one of our staff will get on there on Fridays and look over the videos they did that week. Which one is getting the most engagement? And then the next week we'll put some ad dollars behind that, and then we'll rotate it.

But one of our offices in Kentucky, as a matter of fact, he was just doing a video every two weeks. And in two and a half months we built an audience of 9,000 people that had watched 50% or more of these videos. And he had only, at the time, only done four or five videos. If you figured every couple of weeks doing a video. But we were able to take that audience of people who know are watching his stuff, and then run specific ads to them, and all of a sudden his Facebook leads went from screening quality leads, to referral quality leads. Because he followed the steps and stuff that we teach. And so that works really, really well. But it's just being consistent. He was doing these every couple of weeks. So, that's one thing. Be Consistent, have a plan, know what you're doing, know what you're going to be doing in the videos on, know what it is you're wanting to offer, and be consistent with it, and then be compliant. If you hear about certain things other people are doing that's working, or if you have somebody like us saying, look, we need you to do X, Y, Z, do that. Follow up and do those things. That's going to get you the best possible results. All right?

So, I hope you found some value in that. If you have any questions, or you would like to see about having us do your Facebook marketing for you, you can go to chirocandymarketing.com. That's chirocandymarketing.com. There's a button on there, you can just click apply and then it'll walk you through the steps, ask you a handful of questions about your office, and then allow you to set up a call with me, or one of our other team members, and we'll just see if there's something that we might be able to do to work things out with you. Because one of the best things about our companies, one is our staff. We have some tremendous support. But we also, we're probably the lowest fees you'll find in the industry, for doing what it is we do. And if you refer three people to us, we will do all of your marketing for free. So you don't even have to pay us anything. It's a really great program.

But if you have any questions, even if you just want us to talk, and see, point you in the right direction, and your wanting to do all this on your own, still schedule a call with us, and we will be more than happy to just go through a consulting call with you, and give you some tips and tricks that you might be able to implement to get the best results when it comes to Facebook. So, appreciate you guys. And we will see you on another episode of ChiroCandy.

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