161: Guaranteed Patients Even In The Chaos!

Patient Visits Down? Watch this…🔥🚀
(Chiropractors & Functional Medicine Doctors)

Still open and seeing patients?

This is a very trying time for our nation.

Thousands of businesses are closing, schools aren’t able to open, revenue is down across the board, family’s stress is at an all-time high.

The best a chiropractor can do if patient visits are down is simple…


Its business finance 101: whenever revenue is down, expenses need to be too.

Now is the time to break up with the marketing agency that’s charging $1000+/month.

Hi, my name is Billy Sticker and I’ve been serving the chiropractic profession since 2007.

I host a chiropractic marketing podcast and work with 170+ offices, helping them book new-patient appointments and become the “go-to authority” in their community.

Needless to say, I’m dedicated to helping the profession.

I have been brainstorming ideas to better serve chiropractic as they serve their communities.

This has lead us to develop some strategies that we feel so confident in, we are putting our money where our mouth is.

To better help you serve your communities, we want to eliminate any financial risk that comes with working with a marketing company.

We won’t charge you a dime until we book 10 patient appointments on your calendar. 🗓

(These aren’t the tire-kicker, low quality “leads” other agencies provide 😉)

These are REAL patients that NEED/WANT chiropractic!

The best part is you do not even have to worry about any ad spend.👊

Oh, and not to mention our monthly fee is only $595.

This is perfect for offices that are:
✅ Tired of paying $1000/month+ for lead generation services
✅ Seeing a decrease in patient visits during the mass hysteria
✅ Just want to see more patients!

You can learn more and book a free strategy session with my team here: chirocandymarketing.com/get-started

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