CC 003 | How To Rebuild A Practice From Scratch- Interview With Dr. Tabor Smith

Episode 003


In this episode, I interview chiropractor, author, and marketing expert Dr. Tabor Smith.  He began his career in one of the largest chiropractic offices in the state of Texas, where he was involved in spinal screenings, lectures and other marketing strategies that it took to build a 1400 visit per week practice.

He now runs a thriving practice in Houston TX, which he built from scratch with “low cost” marketing strategies, such as, spinal screenings, dinner workshops, and business lectures.

Throughout his career, he has meticulously perfected these marketing techniques.  And now he coaches chiropractors all over the world on how to share their unique message of health, and bring in tons of new patients using his simple methods.

Things Discussed in this episode:

1. Always Give Value:
– Make a Difference
– Meet Needs
– Write A Book

2. Low Cost Marketing:
– Spinal Screenings
– Dinner Workshops

Tools Discussed:

Instant Influencer: How to write a book and use it to grow your practice.  This is my course that Dr. Tabor used to write both of his books.

The Screener: This is Dr. Tabor's course.  He has included some great free video training to help you effectively implement screening in your practice.

Posture Screen Mobile: Spinal screening right from your smart phone.


Hope you enjoy this episode.  Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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