Targeting Specific Audiences: Personalized TikTok Ads for Chiropractic Care

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last few years, becoming one of the most used social media platforms globally. As of 2022, TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, with over 125 million monthly active users in the United States alone. 

This massive audience presents an intriguing advertising opportunity for businesses – especially those in specialized healthcare fields like chiropractic care. TikTok now allows for highly targeted, personalized advertising campaigns, enabling chiropractors to promote their services to specific demographics that are likely to need and use chiropractic treatment. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover how chiropractors can effectively utilize TikTok’s advertising platform to connect with ideal patients through targeted ads.  

Top Statistics 

Here are some updated statistics about targeting specific audiences with personalized TikTok ads for chiropractic care: 

  • Over 1.5 billion people use TikTok every month as of February 2023, up from 1 billion monthly active users in 2022 (SOURCE). 
  • 125 million Americans use TikTok monthly, providing a huge potential patient audience for chiropractors (SOURCE). 
  • 63% of weekly TikTok users say they discover new products and services on the platform (SOURCE). 
  • The 18-34 age demographic comprises over 2/3rds (67.5%) of U.S. TikTok users, allowing chiropractors to target the Gen Z and young millennials most likely to seek care (SOURCE). 
  • Over 90% of TikTok users access the platform on mobile, emphasizing the importance of optimizing chiropractic video ads for smartphones and tablets (SOURCE). 
  • Geo-targeted TikTok advertising leads to over 2X higher store visit conversion rates compared to competing social platforms (SOURCE). 

The massive TikTok audience and engagement, especially among younger demographics, highlight why target video ads are an emerging patient acquisition channel for chiropractors. 

Tailoring Ad Content for the TikTok Audience 

TikTok is an entertainment and community focused platform – so ad content must align with audience expectations. More traditional healthcare advertising approaches likely won’t perform well. 

Here are 5 key tips for tailoring your chiropractic video ads for TikTok’s unique audience: 

Keep Videos Short, Simple and Scannable  

TikTok videos are capped at 60 seconds max. Even ultra short 5-15 second videos can work very well. Keep clips concise, deliver your core message fast, and provide mobile-friendly “scannable” content. This allows viewers to quickly decide if your service or offer aligns with their needs. The short video format lends itself well to demonstrating chiropractic techniques and patient benefits quickly while keeping the viewer engaged. 

Emphasize Visuals Over Text 

Visual media is central to the TikTok experience, so rely more heavily on engaging visuals over text. Showcase your modern clinic spaces, compelling diagrams of adjustments and techniques, fast-paced demos or walkthroughs, patient testimonials, and clips of chiropractors providing care. Text can complement visual content. The engaging visuals will draw the viewer in rather than dense blocks of text. 

Leverage Trends and Sounds 

Weave TikTok trends, viral sounds, hashtags, effects and popular video templates into ads where appropriate. This helps content seem more native to the platform. But avoid forcing trends that don’t authentically align with your brand. Aligning with popular trends can help raise the visibility of your ads. 

Highlight Value, Not Features  

Rather than listing chiropractic service features and capabilities, clearly articulate the actual value patients receive – pain relief, improved mobility, reduced medication reliance, etc. Help patients picture the end-state benefits of seeking your care. This shows the real-world impact of chiropractic treatment. 

Invite Users to Take Action 

Include prominent calls to action inviting viewers in your geographic area to book appointments online or visit your clinic in-person to learn more. CTA buttons can drive traffic to custom mobile landing pages with contact forms, appointment scheduling tools and online chat. Clear calls-to-action are critical for converting interest into real appointments. 

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Defining Your Target Patient Demographic 

 The beauty of TikTok advertising lies in granular audience targeting options. You can define very specific target demographics likely to both use and directly benefit from ongoing chiropractic treatment. 

Here are 5 high-potential patient demographics for chiropractors to target with their TikTok video ad campaigns: 

Young Adults and Labor Workers  

Younger age groups are naturally very active on TikTok. Many use their bodies strenuously for work and recreation – making them prone to spine/MSK issues treatable through chiropractic care. Targeting ages 18-35 captures this large pool of potential patients. Labor-intensive jobs also lead to wear and tear that chiropractic care can address. 

Athletes and Active Lifestyles  

Runners, lifters, CrossFitters, cyclists, swimmers and other athletes place heavy repetitive strain on muscles and joints – causing subluxations. TikTok interests, hashtags and content cues can help ads reach local athletic communities. Athletes constantly push their bodies and can benefit from alignment. 

Parents and Families 

Stressing over kids, hunching to hold babies and repetitive motions from childcare create immense spinal strain. Target ads to parents and broader family units in need of alignment and vitality. New parents often develop back pain that chiropractic treatment can relieve. 

Auto Accident Victims 
Even minor fender benders can knock spines out of proper positioning. Targeting accident victims shortly after collisions with offers of a “spinal checkup” can deliver amazing response rates and loyal patient referrals. Whiplash and other accident injuries respond very well to chiropractic care. 

Chronic Back Pain Sufferers  

Over 31 million Americans suffer lower back pain at any given time. Targeting TikTok content signals related to poor posture, sciatica, herniated discs, stiffness and other back/neck pain can connect with an immense audience already seeking relief. Chiropractic care is proven to address back pain issues. 

The key is aligning your video ads with TikTok content cues and hashtags (#athlete, #parentlife, #chronicillness, etc.) indicative of user needs treatable through chiropractic methods. This captures people already compelled by your services but unaware you provide the solution. 

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Optimizing TikTok Ads for Mobile 

It’s essential to optimize TikTok video ad creative for a small-screen mobile experience. Over 90% of TikTok usage happens on smartphones. Optimizing for mobile screens is critical for the platform. 

Use these 5 tactics to perfect mobile ad layouts: 

Prioritize Vertical Videos 

Record ads in standard vertical 9:16 aspect ratio – filling the entire phone screen without awkward horizontal black bars confining content. Vertical video leverages the entire screen space. 

Simplify Design Elements  

On cramped mobile displays, simpler clean designs are most usable and scannable. Avoid cluttering the frame with excessive text or distracting graphics. Minimal, uncluttered designs work best. 

Increase Fonts and Object Sizes 

 To remain readable on small screens, use sufficiently large font sizes (at least 16px+). Similarly, scale up key visual elements so details remain crisp and clear. Mobile screens demand larger, more legible sizes. 

Enhance Contrast 

 Bold contrast between foreground and background colors/values enables content to visually pop. Don’t create text/image combinations that visually compete. Clear contrast makes the important elements stand out. 

Refine Call-to-Actions  

The most important CTA must lead viewers to take immediate action with just 1-tap on small buttons. Confirm links and geo-targeted location details work flawlessly on mobile. Streamlined CTAs should enable seamless booking. 

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Tracking Ad Performance and Optimization  

Like all digital marketing, TikTok ads require ongoing performance tracking and optimization. Key metrics to analyze include: 

Impressions and Reach  

How many unique users saw your ads at least once? Frequency capping settings balance maximum target audience reach with avoiding oversaturation. Analyze reach to understand campaign scale. 

Engagement Rate  

Engagement considers overall likes, comments, shares and clicks. Strong engagement signals an ad resonates with the target demographic. Engagement indicates audience interest and reaction. 

Conversion Rate 

Conversion rate specifically measures users that clicked your ad then successfully completed your desired goal – like scheduling an appointment. Critical for measuring results. 

View-Through Rate (VTR) VTR reveals what % of viewers watched your full video. Higher view-through against competitors indicates compelling content. Optimize based on video completion rates. 

VISIT Local Store Traffic 

Specialized TikTok conversion tracking confirms how many ad viewers then physically visited your chiropractic offices. This is the clearest indicator that ads create real-world patients. Local visits show real patient conversions. 

Monitor Analytics 

Monitor analytics dashboards for performance trends across these metrics. Identify top-performing individual ads showing the strongest traction and scale their budgets/prominence. Simultaneously, eliminate poorly performing ads shown to be less compelling. 

Ongoing optimization allows continually improving results from finite advertising budgets for maximum ROI. 

Driving Real-World Visits and Patient Acquisition 

While some patients may book online, chiropractic care still often requires an initial in-person consultation and examination. Your ads must drive these real-world visits to convert TikTok viewers into ongoing patients. 

Use these techniques to promote in-person location visits: 

Geo-Target Local Viewers 

Precisely target ads exclusively to TikTok users within close proximity to your chiropractic offices. Only serve ads with conversion potential based on geographical access. Local targeting ensures real-world access. 

Share Detailed Contact Info 

Prominently display full office addresses, phone numbers, and map embeds so viewers can easily navigate to your locations after seeing your ads. Enable seamless navigation. 

Incentivize Appointments  

Consider promotions like “Free spinal exams for TikTok followers” or discounts on initial visits to incentivize booking in-person appointments to further discuss treatment programs. Incentives encourage appointments. 

Remarket Across Devices 

 Further target website visitors on other devices/platforms through cookies and pixels to reinforce your brand as they move about their consumer journey. Omni-channel strategy boosts impact. 

The combination of stellar video creative aligned with ideal demographics, optimal mobile layouts for the platform, and tactics promoting real-world conversions allows TikTok to become a robust patient acquisition channel for chiropractors. 

As TikTok continues to expand, the platform presents transformative advertising potential for specialized healthcare practitioners like chiropractors seeking to attract local patient populations. 

By tailoring video ad creative for TikTok’s unique audience expectations, precisely targeting patient demographics, optimizing mobile experiences, tracking performance rigorously, and driving in-person visits, chiropractors can yield amazing advertising ROI. 

TikTok, as a powerful tool, finally gives chiropractors an effective self-serve advertising avenue to promote their vital brand of care and sustain thriving practices by acquiring happy patients. 

I hope this thorough overview inspires you to launch your own strategic TikTok chiropractic advertising campaigns to continually expand your patient base. 

Want more patients from TikTok video ads? Click below to schedule a cal with our chiropractic marketing experts to discuss launching customized, high-converting TikTok campaigns turning viewers into real-world appointments. 

How can chiropractors optimize TikTok video ads for mobile devices? 

Chiropractors should create TikTok video ads with a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio that is optimized for mobile viewing on smartphones. This means designing ads that will fully fill a user's smartphone screen in portrait orientation. Text and elements in the ads should be minimized and kept very concise, relying heavily on engaging video content.  

Font sizes should be at least 16px or greater to ensure readability on small smartphone screens. Colors and contrasts in videos should also be enhanced to make details and text pop on mobile screens. Finally, any calls-to-action should be large, well-positioned buttons designed for easy mobile tapping as more than 90% of TikTok usage happens on smartphones. Following these mobile video optimization tactics will significantly improve chiropractor ads engagement. 

How can TikTok ads for chiropractors drive real-world patient visits? 

Chiropractors can successfully convert TikTok ads into in-person patient consultations and treatments through targeted localization, promoting office details, offering patient incentives for visiting, and remarketing efforts. Tactics like geo-targeting nearby viewers and showing maps for easy navigation to chiropractic offices help bridge the gap between digital ads and physical locations.  

Additionally, highlighting office hours, contact info, free consultation offers and other patient promotions within the ads further incentivize visiting the practice. Finally, remarketing visitors across devices through cookies and other tracking methods keeps the practice top of mind even after they view the initial ad, driving additional in-person consult conversions. 

Why choose TikTok advertising over platforms like Facebook for chiropractors? 

Compared to more static Facebook ads, TikTok provides chiropractors seamless access to important younger demographics like Gen Z and Millennials who are likely unutilized patient markets. TikTok's inherently addictive, video-centric content consumption experience also lends itself better to visually demonstrating chiropractic treatments and benefits than Facebook. And with its 1 billion monthly active users and growing, TikTok offers massive reach at lower costs than saturated competitors. The unique combination of untapped patients plus engaging creative options explain why chiropractors may prioritize TikTok over other platforms. 

What are white label TikTok ads and how can they be used by chiropractors? 

White label TikTok ads allow chiropractors to fully customize and take ownership over video ad content and messaging without having their brand directly tied to the ads as the creator. This provides flexibility to tailor ads to resonate more with targeted demographics without needing to water down their core brand image to appeal to other groups as much.  

Chiropractors can shape the tone, offers and look of white label video ads specifically designed to deliver patients to their practice even if the branding remains anonymous. This branding customization empowers better performance. 

What TikTok ads hashtags should chiropractors use to reach potential patients? 

Relevant hashtags like #backpain, #chiropractor, #athlete, #parentlife, #chronicillness and similar themes used within TikTok video ads allow chiropractors to reach users who have either just expressed need for or are more likely to seek out back and spine treatment. Aligning ad messaging and offers with condition-specific hashtags ensures better targeting of motivation-primed users open to chiropractic solutions. A mix of tags covering both indicated conditions and aspirational interests helps expand the patient pool. 

What is the average TikTok ads CPC and CPM? 

Average advertising metrics like cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) vary substantially based on factors like campaign targeting, optimization tactics, competitive bid pricing, niche interests and more. However, based on aggregated benchmarks, average TikTok CPCs range from approximately $0.40 to $0.80 while average TikTok CPMs fall around $8.00 to $12.00. Chiropractors should ignore industry averages and instead rigorously track cost performance specific to their own TikTok video ad efforts, focusing ad spending on the campaigns converting patients at the lowest viable CPC and CPM rates. 

How does TikTok ads billing and duration work? 

Unlike some platforms charging upfront for advertising tied to duration, TikTok bills advertisers based exactly on activity whether through impressions or clicks. Chiropractors simply set a daily maximum budget that controls total costs. However, campaign time should still be defined with set start and end dates in TikTok Ads Center settings. This allows assessment of performance over set periods to determine renewal decisions. The combination of budget pacing and duration control with continual optimization spotlighted by robust metric tracking produces real results. 

What tools can chiropractors use to maximize TikTok ads performance? 

TikTok's suite of built-in tools helps chiropractors develop more effective and efficient video ad campaigns. Advanced metrics trackers inform advertiser decisions while optimization algorithms attempt to outperform manual tuning efforts, allowing for quicker campaign deployment. Automated bidding capabilities implement sophisticated auction logic to bid against competitors for scarce ad space. 

How can chiropractors utilize personalized TikTok ads?  

Chiropractors can create highly targeted TikTok ad campaigns by defining specific patient demographics likely to benefit from care like young adults and athletes, then further personalizing video ads with interests, behaviors, and content cues indicative of back/neck pain issues treatable through chiropractic methods. Advanced targeting features allow tailoring video ads, offers, and calls-to-action to niche audiences demonstrating need. Personalized relevance drives conversions. 

As a TikTok ads expert, what top 3 recommendations would you make for chiropractor ad campaigns?  

My top suggestions are: 1) Optimize for mobile from the start since over 90% of TikTok usage is smartphones 2) Rigorously track key metrics like video completion rate to identify and optimize best performing ads 3) Retarget engaged visitors to reinforce messaging as they continue their consumer journey across devices. Combining platform-specific best practices with robust analytics informs decisions and improves ROI. 

How can TikTok retargeting ads remarket to prospective patients?  

Retargeting uses tracking cookies and pixels to enable serving video ads to users across platforms and devices after initial TikTok ad exposure. This persistently keeps chiropractic solutions top of mind for site visitors as they consume content elsewhere. Sequential multifaceted targeting nurtures consumers through education phases onto becoming real patients. 85% of conversions happen after initial contact.  

What are current 2023 benchmarks for average TikTok CPM and CTR?  

Current TikTok average cost metrics offer helpful baselines before launching ads, although ongoing campaign-specific monitoring matters most. Average 2023 TikTok CPM runs $8.00–$12.00 based on vertical and targeting. Average TikTok CTR falls around 2.5% depending on competition and compelling creative assets. Compare your actual metrics and optimize for lower CPM and higher CTR driving positive ROI. 

How can chiropractors increase TikTok video ad campaign reach?  

Analyze campaign impression reach in analytics to understand total unique ad exposures. Widen targeting and loosen frequency caps to expand delivery without oversaturating. Create multiple tightly targeted audience segments and tailor messaging uniquely to each. Compare engagement levels and conversion metrics across segments to optimize budget allocations toward best performers over time. Rigorous testing grows overall reach. 

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