Building Trust In Your Practice

In this video we discuss the importants and how-to's of building trust in your practice.  The book we refer to is Trust Agents, by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith.(Amazon affiliate link)

In the book they refer to 6 characteristics of Trust Agents.  They are as follows:

1. Make Your Own Game: Stand Out

2. One of Us: Belonging

3. The Archimedes Effect: Leveraging

4. Agent Zero: Networking

5. Human Artist: Soft Skills

6. Building an Army: Strength in numbers

The need for trust is great.  We need for someone to believe in us.  To care for us.  Trust.

Be sure to download a special 7-point Tip-Sheet for building trust in your practice (and life).  Grab yours here.

I would love to here an example of how you recently built trust in your practice.  Leave a comment below.

Now go make a difference!

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